The Mandalorian

For many of us, The Mandalorian was a ray of light during the dark year of 2020.

The timing of The Mandalorian was especially poignant as our world seemed to be crumbling down around us with failing institutions, corrupt leaders, and an attitude of “every man for himself” spreading as fast as the Covid-19 virus. Baby Yoda brought us joy and the Mandalorian showed us “The Way” as he navigated life’s challenges with “The Mandalorian Code of Honor.” The creed was his tool for coping with a chaotic and unpredictable world where stuff is always going wrong. Sound familiar?


Jessica O’Toole Virtual El Camino de Santiago

2020 was the year of virtual exercise, from Peloton bicycles to creating doodles with Strava route art. The Covid-19 pandemic shut down gyms, running clubs, yoga studios, and all the normal ways of making exercise fun. After months of groundhog days in social isolation I needed a challenge; something to focus on other than Coronavirus or the impending doom of American politics. A friend suggested I check out the virtual challenge El Camino de Santiago that she was doing on The Conqueror’s My Mission App.

Since medieval times people have walked this epic Catholic pilgrimage route as a meditative, spiritual…

Four Days Before the Notre Dame Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral called to me from the moment I arrived in Paris, April 11, 2019 (just in time for Holy Week leading up to Easter). For one reason or another, I was drawn to Our Lady of Paris every single day. After dinner on our first night my husband and I wandered, jet lagged and wired, through the rowdy streets of the Latin Quarter, to find the cathedral lit up and glowing and hardly a soul there. How lucky were we to have her all to ourselves? …

Jessica O'Toole

I like to learn all the things and drink all the tea. Prone to falling down rabbit holes.

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